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Our Services

At ReVive we pride ourselves on offering a host of services that can be tailored to the specific needs of our partners.

Business Development

We provide strategic guidance to early-stage companies to take their ideas and concepts towards a minimum viable product and beyond. These include partnerships, fund-raising, product strategy, marketing and networking amongst other.  

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Technology Oversight

Using decades of experience in building FinTech software, the team at ReVive are able to provide guidance and a sounding board for the technical decisions throughout the journey to market.


ReVive invests capital sufficient to bootstrap early stage businesses to get their product to market.

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Go To Market Strategy

ReVive will actively help develop marketing strategies, pricing, cost analysis and associated operational demands to build a "go to market" business case.

Channel Islands Incorporation *

In cases where the ReVive skillset can be actively employed in our partners business, the team are able to assist, through our regulated partners,  with company incorporation in Jersey and provision of directorship services. This provides a host of benefits associated with housing the intellectual property in an internationally respected financial centre.

(* through regulated partners)

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Corporate Services *

For those partners incorporating in Jersey, ReVive is able to leverage their own skills and a broad network of regulated local contacts in company secretarial, legal (incl. IP) and banking to make the process as smooth as possible. 

(* through regulated partners)

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