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About Us

We subscribe to the thesis that free-market capitalism is the best available economic system we have…yet it is flawed…and in its wake are many social and environmental challenges that our planet and its people are now facing. 


We support the movement to "Impact Capitalism" that embraces the free market, yet with a positive and sustainable impact our planet and people.

Who We Are

We believe that that the successful businesses of the future will be those that are being built currently to solve social and environmental challenges.


We support the notion that sustainability is best achieved through a ‘for-profit and for-purpose’ model.


We share the view that investment decisions must be three dimensional, namely ‘Risk, Return and Impact’.

Our mindset is deeper than profit maximisation, we subscribe to shared value.

We aim to weave our passion with our skills and leave a positive mark on this world.

We want to contribute to making Impact Investing viewed as mainstream investing.

We are aligned to the attainment of the UN SGD Goals by 2030.

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What We Do

We seek to build our value through investing in, and partnering with, early-stage businesses. 

We focus on the area of (any) technology, that is impactful, scalable and with the potential for annuity-based income.

We identify early-stage business opportunities (1 to 2 years old) that have a proof of concept (POC).

We add value through partnership, mentorship, intellectual and financial capital.

We partner over a limited period (2- 3 years) to produce a scalable product and commercial model, a minimum viable product (MVP).

We lead fund raising rounds for later stage investment.

We bring our passion, our skills and our access to resources to build and scale these enterprises.


We are active investors and collaborative partners.

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Meet The Leadership Team


Philip Faure

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Leveraging a diverse career in investment and wealth management to drive the impact agenda forward.


Dave Allen

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Dave is an qualified and experienced chartered accountant, and a founding member of ICECAP Trust Holdings Limited. 


Derek Crous

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A seasoned technologist with decades of experience in bringing FinTech software to market.

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